How to surprise your girlfriend

How to surprise your girlfriend

“Honey, I’ve got something for you”… This sentence makes many women’s heart go faster. Even if she does not know what it is about. Yes, the idea that your lover want to surprise you is enough to make you happy.

Why surprising your girlfriend?

It is easy for a couple to get so caught up in their lives that they forget to show their love for each other. A surprise is a good way to keep the relationship active and remind both of you not to take each other for granted. Unfortunately, very often men do not know how to surprise their girlfriend and they miss the point with many presents. So women, if you are reading, leave this screen casually open on your computer screen and men: pay attention!

Surprise her with a small gesture

Women don’t think it is important that a special surprise costs a lot of money, it is after all the attention that makes it special. So it could be something very small, as long as it has been thought about. When you discover something that is really something for her: buy it!

Example gestures:

  1. If she is grumpy or she is on her period: buy (preferably good) chocolate for her.
  2. A nice book, a romantic movie, a nice lingerie set or her favorite flowers.
  3. Remember when she says, “I like this,” and surprise her during an unexpected moment!

The most special thing to do is to choose a more personalized gesture. Get her a book by her favorite author, her favorite band’s latest album, or tickets to a concert she is dying to see. These gifts show your girlfriend that you understand her well enough to know what she likes. They also show that you put more thought into your special gift than settling on a typical romantic token.

Smaller example gestures:

  1. Charge her cell phone when she is not looking. If your girlfriend sometimes forgets to charge her phone, then charging it for her can be a nice surprise. Just plug it in before you leave her house or before you start watching a movie.
  2. Give her a compliment. Compliments are always a welcome and simple surprise. Try to give your girlfriend compliments when she least expects them. For example, you could tell her she looks beautiful as a first thing in the morning or tell her she is brilliant after she describes the book she just finished reading.
  3. Leave her a note in an unexpected place. Something as simple as “You’re the best!” or “Have a great day!” will put a smile on her face. Try putting the note in her planner or somewhere else that she is sure to find it.

To do’s

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, remember: women always enjoy doing something . A weekend trip is always a good shot, but this can also be quite expensive. Here, we’ve got some cheap alternatives that will put a smile on her face.

Do something she enjoys, even if it is not something that you like to do. For example, you could take your girlfriend out for a full day of shopping. If shopping is not something she enjoys, take her to a game or a concert she would love, or try a museum, zoo, or botanical garden.

Smaller things to do:

  1. Breakfast in the bedroom and offer to give her a massage;
  2. Have a nice (alcoholic) drink after a busy day;
  3. Take her to the forest or to the beach on a sunny day;
  4. Prepare a nice and lovely picnic for two and enjoy the small things;
  5. Pick her up from work and take her unexpectedly out for a dinner or lunch;
  6. Nice day? Rent a scooter (preferably a Vespa) and go for a nice tour;
  7. Note special days such as “falling starry night” or a fun music festival and plan something around it.

Surprising your girlfriend? Important!

Make sure that your surprises are never forgotten and become an unfilled promise. If possible, do not announce the surprise. Take these thoughts and translate them directly into action. Al this types of surprises works best if you and your girlfriend are living together or nearby, but there are still ways to pamper her if you do not live together. Keeping your love alive and strong as a sparkling couple the moment you are miles apart, here are 5 tips to make your long distance relationship work.

Ladies, how were you ever surprised by your boyfriend? Who has got some good tips for our men?

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