How to make a long distance relationship work? 5 tips!

long distance relationship

Long distance relationship? Keeping your love alive and strong as a sparkling couple the moment you are miles apart, here are 5 tips to make your long distance relationship work.

Tip 1: Talking, a lot of talking

Communication is the key of every couple in a relationship. But when you are miles apart (long distance relationship), good conversations are more important than ever. From your feelings to what keeps you busy. And do not forget the small talk. For example, discuss what you are going to eat in the evening and whether you will buy that one coat or not. If you do not see each other regularly, you will still be a (big) part of each other’s life and you will know what is happening to the other person.

Tip 2: Creative messages

Surprise your friend with photos, a sweet spoken audio message or a short video wearing her/his outfit that suits you better. Do not forget the postman! Send a card, a handwritten letter or a great gift. Maybe you buy one pair of those cool-looking couple matching t-shirts or couple hoodies. They are a very romantic way of expressing your love for each other. You will feel a connection to your matching part. Especially if you are in a long distance relationship or for some reason separated for a few weeks. regularly showing that you are making an effort for the other you prevent uncertain / jealous feelings.

However, sexual desire is an integral part of any relationship, so phone sex or sexting should be part of your routine. Send text teasers or spend time late at night discussing what you’d like to do to the other person. Have fun with this.

Tip 3: Do things together

Watch a movie or an episode of your favorite series at the same time while you are also on Skype or whatsapping. So you’re still a bit ‘together’! If you need some suggestions you check the 32 of the best Netflix series worth watching right now.

Tip 4: Know each other’s schedule

Know when someone is at school, has to work or has an important meeting. That way you know when you can call or make a call on the app. This saves endless hours of pining for your phone and uncertain feelings!

Tip 5: Create a common goal

Realistically, a long distance relationship can not always remain good. Ever want to take the next step? Therefore talk about (possible) goals, possible relocations and encounters. So you have something to live towards in the periods that you are not together.

And last but not least: keep confirming your love! Repeating ‘I love you’ is not necessary, but keep repeating it with some regularity as extra insurance is great and feels very good!

Do you have experience with long distance relationships? Leave your golden tip in a comment!

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