6 Crazy Things Every Couple Do

Crazy couple

Couples create their own little cultures of weirdness and crazy couple things to do. If not, you may be surprised to learn that being crazy with your partner can help guarantee a longer, more fulfilling relationship. Here’s a list of some crazy things many of which most people can relate.

1. You inspect each other’s hairs, moles etc.

If you ever attacked your love with a tweezer, you know you’re in a long relationship as a couple. You may not tell your friends that you squeezed a pimple from your boyfriend, but everyone does that together. Believe me.

2. You wear each other’s clothes

Although your female hips do not actually fit into his pants and your clothing is not entirely his taste, you wear each other’s clothes. If you are in a long relationship you even have boyfriend and girlfriend matching shirts. Part of the fun is connection, but part is also newness. Wearing the same snapbacks or shirts as a couple is an expression of admiration for a couple, of desiring similarity and closeness, but also an expression of a simple desire to wear something and look good.

3. You send each other messages from another room

You’re both at home doing your own stuff and you think it’s to far to walk to each other. It’s crazy, but it’s very easy to send each other messages from another room. ‘hey, do you fancy want some chips?’

4. You give each other the craziest names

Bear, handsome, tiger and so on. You give each other the craziest nicknames. No one knows exactly where these nicknames come from, but a lot of times, they feel pretty NSFW. The nicknames in our house are pretty weird. Sooo… this is only for private use.

5. Farts and burps

You have been together for so long that you are no longer ashamed of anything. You fart and burp. We are people and those things just happen. And instead of thinking it’s dirty you laugh about it together.

6. You get mad about each other’s tickles

No idea why all couples do this, but it happens a lot. Actually it’s very annoying, yet it is fantastic. It is torture being tickled, but it brings you so much joy to do it to the love of your life. Your partner feels the same way, so the tickle war will probably never end. It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.

Is this like your relationship or do you know anyone who is in a relationship like this? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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